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Portfolio of Published Short Stories

Published under Pen Name P.A. Bees, P.A. Bohnert/ Patricia Bohnert

Published by Macrame Literary Journal 2024

The Auspex File
Published by  2024

Snow Storms
Published by VISIBLE 2023

The Envelope and Reaspberry Iced Tea
Published by Ariel Chart  2022

The Ghost Hunter
Published by UntreedReads 2015

The Clarent Pin
Published by Untreed Reads 2010

Fixity of Change
Published by Untreed Reads 2010

Published by The Toucan Magazine 2010

The Ticket Stub
Published by Joyful! 2009

Portfolio of Published Novels

Intersection of Intent
by P.A. Bees

One woman's desperate act starts an apocalypse of events for the residents of New Minden, Ohio. Twenty years later deceit, hidden motives, stale leads, and fresh clues intersect with mayhem and murder when Jacob, Keith, and Bobby, three of the town's sons, look for the truth. All have their eyes on the young librarian, Colleen - not all for good intent.
Intersection of Intent

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Portfolio of Published Poetry

I Scan the Obits
by P.A. Bees

I scan the obits
Look for my name
Surely I died
The dirt on my chest
Heavy clay shovel shaped
Grey pink streaked clumps
Miscreant mustard smells and bits of shale
That press
With eyes closed
I keen the dank
Then clutch
The lists of my father
Before he died
Made sure I knew
To notify the VA
His dentist
And lung specialist
But I can think of no one
No dole counsel
No keck or kiss off
To repeat my name
A whet echo
r a leper of life

Published by Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2010

Rubbery Gore
by P.A. Bees

Witches on broomsticks and pumpkins for carving
Brave little children with Halloween coming
The scheming of a trickster brother
Seeking costumes for scare each other

In daylight at the five and dime store
Fake blood in bottles and rubbery gore
The costumes are funny, the fangs just wax
A monstrous spider and a plastic axe

A hideous mask and fake murder toys
But nearer the night the more watchful the boy
All harmless enough, so where is the fright
Safe things can get ugly on Halloween night!

Published by GhostLight Magazine, Presented by The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, Vol 1 Issue 1, Oct. 2009

By Grace and by God
by Patricia Bohnert

And then there is the scum,
The dirt sucking, the world is against me, scum
Evil worms with red eyes and bulges
Those who traverse the room under the rug.

If we could but step on them like roaches
Hearing the crack of their black back shells
Under the heel of humanity's foot
We would breathe clean, fresh air.

But, like Medusa's hair snakes
When cut from the writhing scalp
They multiply in plenty and
charge us again, again, and again.

Published by Clock Wise Cat, Issue Nine, July 2008

by P.A. Bees

Dear son of mine, naive and just
Your youth a shell, protective crust
To hold within the righteous thoughts
The truths that men of age have sought

But still believing in lexis' worth
That somehow words convey the truth
You speak out loud for all to hear
Expecting all to lend an ear

When only radicals respond
Those easily led and connec
Will you too succumb to marches
Moving masses within madness?

Published by The League of Laboring Poets, Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2008

by P.A. Bees

What attracts me is her boyish figure, her no-make-up face, and blunt-cut hair, the way her sunglasses rest on top of her head, a restrainer for bangs and wisps of yellow hair.
There's no pretense in that hairstyle, no false curl, no hairspray in the way.
Easily talking with fellow travelers, 
always with a clear, purpose smile.
She doesn't talk to me.

She wears an earth-colored T-shirt and khaki shorts perfect for red rock canyon walks.
Her backpack bulges with life's interesting load,
She is off to adventure with a campfire and self-reliance.

I long to say, "Where do you go?" and "Take me with you, please," and I notice that you are single when it is obvious you would be a phenomenal partner in life.
But, you wisely keep your distance from me . . .
Or that is just my paranoia, and more likely
you do not see me, and that is fine, as I would be tongue-tied and useless in your presence.

Go on your way, I release you.

I will read of you in books, hear of bugs named and caves discovered,
Crags claimed and spaces saved.
I will know they were you.

Published by The Hiss Quarterly, Vol. 4, Issue 4, December 2007

Fall's Arrival
by P.A. Bees

Have you ever watched smoldering smoke from a burning leaf pile whisked away on the wind
Or seen the hungry groundhog as he sits by the road, ready to cross
Sniffing the air for the acorn fall on the other side
There's the honking of geese in the sky as they follow ancient rituals
And we dig in our chests to find our woolens and pack up our linens in tissue
Fall has come, winter will follow, summer is gone, if only we knew when and where.

Published in The Green Silk Journal, December 2007

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