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Published Short Stories

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April 2023

George and Chocolate Ice Cream by Patricia Bohnert
Published by

The Ticket Stub by P.A. Bees
Published by Joyful!, November 2009

The Ghost Hunter by P.A. Bees
When the townspeople hire The Ghost Hunter to tell them whether or not a specter haunts a mansion on the edge of town, they get more than they bargained for. In the end, the town would have been wiser to have read the fine print. A work of short horror from our Spectres line.
Published by Untreed Reads Publishing

The Clarent Pin by P.A. Bees
A little Voodoo, wishful thinking, and abandonment of a soul.
Published by Untreed Reads Publishing

Fixity of Change by P.A. Bees
Published by Untreed Reads Publishing, July 2010

Cenophobia by P.A. Bees
Published by The Toucan Magazine - Celebrating the Arts, June 2010

Published by Midwest Literary Magazine - October 2010

The Envelope and Raspberry Iced Tea
Published by Ariel Chart - October 2021

Snow Storms
Published by VISIBLE - March 2023

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