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  • Ft. Wayne Road Trip

    Thank you for a lovely visit! Your downtown murals were fantastic in their variety and abundance. We ate world famous Coney Island dogs, had a drink at Connor's roof top bar at the Hampton, walked the grounds at the Old Fort and on the new riverside Promenade. Dinner at Henry's, sitting at the fantastic bar, was special and a two minute walk from our most comfortable downtown Airbnb.

  • Melee Published at

    "You can't make me." "I am through with you." "Where's my dogs?" Read short story Melee in the Spring issue of Macrame Literary Journal, just out. Who do you identify with most?

  • If you ever wondered if you could be published when writing outside the norms . . .

    Maura Kalman does. Delightful, insightful, thought provoking, quick read. The Principles of Uncertainty

  • Onion Soup Casserole

    Ten large onions sliced thin. I'm crying!

  • Having enough money to buy books . . .

    $ Money doesn't talk these days. It goes without saying.

  • Solar Eclipse

    Had the most fun today! We had our glasses, pizza, and sun-shaped jam pies for after the event! We even had Solar Eclipse potato chips courtesy of Macey and Angie!

  • Work Well

    by Patricia Bohnert Mind wild with possibility Runs off first left and then east Soars to the corner of the ring of Saturn And back to the edge of chasm ‘Tis then to know That may be one There is hope for the few To see, clear the fog Chew nails to the bed Close eyes to think Let numbers line up Step to one’s heartbeat Oh, what sweet, sweet justice When the call comes We need you Your thoughts, ideas Is the call too late Can one stand against the many Will blood stay tame Let the brain piece details Hope this time The winner And the best is not what was But what will be

  • Watching, waiting.

    These guys are showing up in my planters. Largely uninvited. Must keep writing and ignore them.

  • The Auspex File is Published!

    Ima’s mouth dropped open. In response, a lampshade vibrated violently when a brace of warblers took off in flight and circled the room. Ima ducked. The birds swooped, landed, and seemed involved in a serious discussion, talking simultaneously. A tiny finch hopped off the back of a chair. It approached her polished pumps, and Ima instinctively moved her feet back an inch. The finch hopped forward, flew up to the chair’s seat, and pecked at a loose string on her skirt as if intent on pulling out the entire hem. Read Ima's dilemma at

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