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  • Life Storms Published in VISIBLE

    Read on VISIBLE at: The anguish of a woman at odds with her father is resolved on his deathbed. Ride the bus with Melody as she realizes compassion, forgiveness, and love trump differences in beliefs. Fictional short story of 2000 words.

  • St. Patty's Day Green

    Our Irish flag is flying amidst snow flurries today. Its green, white, and orange stripes seem all the more luminous against a dull gray, Ohio sky. Did you know we wear green so the Leprechauns won't pinch us? I've been at St. Patty's Day parades and celebrations. I'm thinking the pinching is more inspired by Guinness and Irish Whiskey!

  • The Girls of Atomic City

    Denise Kiernan wrote this book about the women of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, their lives, and their loves during WWII. She goes into detail to explain the process of obtaining, testing, weighing, storing, and shipping the Tubealloy necessary to build the Atomic Bomb that ended the war while maintaining secrecy on the project - an almost impossible task. The book comes alive with the personal interviews she collected. Visit her at

  • Visiting Dolly Parton

    We passed through Ringgold, Georgia, in January and briefly visited the Dolly Parton mural on the side of The Spot Creamery. She is larger than life; the mural is 24' high and 60' wide. !

  • It is Never too Late

    Mary Ann Evans is credited with, "It is never too late to be what you might have been." Her name is obscure to most, while her pen name, George Eliot is well known. She wrote at a time when it was very difficult for female writers to get published and read. Two of her best-known novels were Middlemarch and Silas Marner. It is never too late!

  • Three Pairs of Blue Jays Feeding in the Garden

    Not a dark and stormy night but a bright and sun-shining morning. What are the birds possibly eating? What could have dropped into my dormant, wintry garden to attract them en masse? Six Blue Jays! If I wait until they finish, will the evidence be gone? If I disrupt them now, will they come back? There may be a story to be written.

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